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Healthcare Analytics software to manage big data

The way in which healthcare providers use, share, and distribute information with clinicians and patients is changing fast. This is largely down to advancements in technology. For example, mobile apps, wearables, and interactive patient information systems are all collecting data to be reported on, with new insights being gained.

The Healthcare Industry is having to grapple with big data sets. Our Pi Dashboard is a reporting platform that can display data from many different sources, side by side. Its intuitive user interface allows users to easily build charts and graphs to visualise information easily, spot trends and drill down into the data to interrogate further.

It’s easy to report on critical KPIs, view exceptions, and automate reports to burst out to relevant users. Dashboards can be shared easily and securely, with role-based access ensuring data is securely stored to meet the new GDPR regulations.

Our Healthcare dashboard software

Our Pi Dashboard is the ideal reporting tool for the Healthcare Industry; it integrates seamlessly with your current software to strengthen your proposition. As it’s been designed for users to self-serve their own data, it’s easy to set up and highly secure.

Pi Dashboard

Professionals in the Healthcare Sector use our dashboard to access and share data. This cuts reporting times and creates a 360-view of the organisation. We don’t move any data to achieve this; we connect to your source database using our secure API.

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We aim to build remarkable partnerships with resellers and OEMs in the Healthcare Industry, and we’d love to discuss how we can meet your reporting and analytics requirements. Learn how you can help your customers improve services and streamline processes using dashboards and analytics.

Analytics for the Healthcare Industry

Our BI and data visualisation platform can help you gain more insight from your data than ever before. However, Pi Analytics can provide predictive insights on top of that.

Our analytics software works by spotting trends and characteristics in historical data – information which the dashboard connects to. Users can apply these characteristics – directly through the user interface – over new data sets to gain these predictions.

So, how could this benefit the Healthcare Sector? Pi Analytics can be used over existing patient data to create a model which, for example, would suggest which future patients are most likely not to turn up to their appointments. The software will flag these people in the dashboard, which will allow staff to act.

For example, staff can then contact these people to remind them of their appointments, leading to fewer people not attending, saving doctors’ and nurses’ valuable time.

"As Panintelligence have an excellent dashboard solution and are very helpful and easy to work with, we decided to partner with them to enhance our product and help customers access important real-time data, see trends, and drive benefits quicker."

Key Dashboard Features

There are several key features of the dashboard that users in the Healthcare Sector benefit from. The software can take data from tables and visualise it in charts, which the user can build directly through the user interface. This makes data easier to work with, and critical insights can be gained faster.

Users of the dashboard can also set KPI alerts and enable notifications to be sent by email to alert them when tracking above or below targets. The data you see will be in real-time, which allows you to place a high degree of trust in what you see.

The dashboard can be fully rebranded in your colours and with company logos, which is done entirely through the user interface; there’s no need for any coding. Integrating and white-labelling the dashboard strengthens your proposition as a reseller, improving the likelihood of winning new business.

Healthcare FAQs

We work with a number of leading businesses in the Healthcare sector, and we’ve collated all the questions we hear most often. If you have a specific question you’d like to put to us, please use the link below.

How do I tailor the dashboard’s content?

You can build charts and graphs directly through the intuitive UI, with no coding required.

Is any data stored locally?

The dashboard connects to the server to retrieve data. Your data is never copied from the database to the device.

Can I access the dashboard on a smartphone?

Yes, the dashboard can be used in the field, on both tablet and mobile.

Can the dashboard use our corporate branding?

The dashboard can be completely white-labelled. You can add brand logos and change colours of chart elements using RGB codes.

Do I need a data warehouse?

The Panintelligence dashboard connects directly to most SQL databases; these can be OLTP or data warehouses, or a mixture of both.

Can the dashboard connect to multiple data sources?

The dashboard can combine data from multiple data sources, giving you a full view of all your company data.

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Pricing Options

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Education Sector can give their customers a marketing-leading analytics solution that drives real ROI for their businesses.

Visit the link below to view our current pricing models, or get in touch with us to request a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

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We embed our best of breed software in your existing solution so you can keep your development resources focused on what they do best; you’ll be ready to go to market in a matter of weeks.


There’s no need to store data on the client device, it’s all stored at source.

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Other sectors we service

Panintelligence began life as a must-have piece of software for the Finance industry. And to meet the sector’s rigorous security demands, our dashboard is designed to adhere to the highest levels of security and is PCI compliant and GDPR-ready.

We have since developed partnerships in many other sectors – most notably, Healthcare – where we partner with businesses like Wellbeing Software Group and Formic ltd.

Outside the Finance and Healthcare Sectors, we also have relationships with software partners within Logistics, Local Government, and Education, to name three.

Resources for Healthcare software vendors

We have a selection of resources that are relevant to the Healthcare Industry, aimed at ensuring that our partners can use and sell Panintelligence to its full potential.

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“We chose Panintelligence because they have a proven pedigree in delivering innovative analytics technology. This fits well with our strategy of continuing to provide our clients with a range of best of breed solutions that add real value to healthcare decision-makers.”

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