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Analytics Dashboards for the Insurance Industry

Businesses in the Insurance Sector collect data in volumes. From policies and premiums, to claims and pay outs, data is recorded all the time. But with so much information being collected, it can be difficult to bring it all together and realise the value that’s lying within.

We can connect to multiple sources of data, from various departments, and display them side-by-side in a centralised dashboard, with all data shown in real-time. Putting the data at the user’s fingertips and allowing them to visualise it in charts and graphs saves huge amounts of reporting time and enables insurance companies to react to changes much faster than before.

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboard

The Panintelligence Dashboard is the perfect solution for reporting in the Insurance industry. Its robust security features are ideal for handling big data, and it’s simple to set up and use. Integrate the product with your current software solution to empower your users to self-serve data and add value to your solution.

Pi Dashboard

The Panintelligence analytics dashboard is designed to be easy to use; build charts and analyse data directly through the user interface, with no coding required. You can control access rights on a user basis, connect directly to any data source, and audit everything your users do.

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How to handle big data in the Insurance industry

Like many industries, big data is playing an ever-bigger part in how Insurance companies store and analyse information. Panintelligence Analytics helps businesses to analyse this data, making it easy to understand so that managers can improve efficiency and results.

As a self-service BI solution which is easy to use, it puts the power of big data analytics at the fingertips of domain experts who best know how to apply learnings.

When calculating risk in insurance, Pi Analytics presents a more efficient and accurate way to predict the risk of lending. Our predictive analytics tool uses statistical modelling to identify trends and characteristics from past applications. The model can be used over a new data set to score new applicants in terms of high or low risk.

The advantage of enabling your domain experts to easily analyse big data – by taking away the need for technical knowledge and data scientist skills – is that you’re putting big data in the hands of the people who know exactly what to do with it.

“Panintelligence analytics software allows us to provide services to our clients in the most efficient way possible, and for brokers to make better decisions on a daily basis.”

Dashboards and KPI alerts for the Insurance sector

The Panintelligence Dashboard has a range of features and benefits; the Pi Analytics module is just one aspect of the software. Our tool helps many InsureTech businesses achieve a central reporting platform that takes data out of silos and gives a complete view of business performance.

Once you’ve established a data connection, you can build charts and graphs over data tables to easily visualise information. This makes it easier to spot trends and puts data in the hands of non-technical staff. The dashboard also has a drill-down function to allow easy access to the underlying data.

KPIs can be set up as speedometer charts with pre-set targets. You’ll receive automatic notifications when you hit these targets, or track too far below. These charts can be set up in the same way as any other chart type – directly through the user interface.

Case study: MS Amlin

The main challenge that MS Amlin faced was that their reporting practices had not scaled alongside the business. The way reports were compiled was old fashioned – getting data out of Microsoft Reporting Services, downloading the information into Excel, and then manipulating the spreadsheet to present this version as the truth.



This meant that reporting was down to one person’s interpretation of the data, and actions would be derived from this. These methods of reporting were also labour intensive and expensive, with people relying on versions of their spreadsheets they’d saved locally.

ms amlin.png

The Claims Department became early adopters of the Panintelligence Dashboard, as they needed to look at their data in different ways to discuss what it was telling them.

“The dashboard has revolutionised the way that we manage our claims data. The more people use the dashboard the more they enjoy using it.” Simon Catt, Head of Claims.

With support from the C-level staff and the enthusiasm from all teams to work closely within the business, the adoption of the dashboard has been transformative.

FAQs for the Insurance Sector

Prospective customers naturally have a lot of questions about our product, as they want to make sure it’s the right fit for them and their business. We’ve listed a selection of the most important ones here.

How secure is it?

You can assign access rights on a user basis, connect to your data at source, and view an audit trail.

Do you need a large data set for Pi Analytics?

Our Pi dashboard can be used over any database. Pi Analytics can also be used over any size dataset, but the larger the data set you have, the better the results will be. However, you can deploy it over any data and it will still tell you something new.

What kind of support is available?

Our Support Team can be contacted via phone or email, while we have dedicated consultants who can visit your offices. We don’t just offer technical support, we support you in a long-term partnership which includes sales and marketing support to help you realise ROI on your investment.

What can I connect to?

Visit here for a full list of our database connections. Your data can be located on-premise or online.

Is there a free trial version?

We have an online demo environment, Try Pi, designed to allow you to explore the look and feel of our solution. You can arrange a one-to-one demo with a member of our Sales Team, or you can go to Try Pi, enter your email address, and have a go yourself.

What can the dashboard show me?

You can build charts and graphs over data tables to gain instant insights, and with Pi Analytics, you can predict more accurately than with a forecast.

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Pricing Options

Independent software vendors in the InsurTech Sector are able to give their partners a marketing-leading analytics and reporting solution.

Visit the link below to view our pricing models, or get in touch to request a bespoke package.

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Our partners evolve our product

As a Panintelligence partner, you can have a say in future product innovations.

Easy to white label and embed

The dashboard can be completely rebranded, which allows you to go to market in a matter of weeks.

Highly secure

We connect to your data sources with a secure API; you can assign access rights to users and track what they do using the audit functionality.

Completely partner-focused

We only go to market through our partners, so you’ll never be competing with us for end user opportunities.

Predictive Analytics in the Insurance Industry

Pi Analytics empowers users to make their data work even harder for them. By inputting historical data, the software will spot trends and characteristics, which can be applied to new data sets. This allows users to be able to make predictions and forecast with more accuracy than ever before.

Our predictive analytics tool can help your users to identify how best to shorten the claims cycle, manage risk, and improve win rates, as well as achieving consistency in pricing and being able to identify trends and patterns to eliminate fraud.

Resources for the Insurance Sector

We have a selection of resources relevant to the Insurance industry, aimed at helping you find the right analytics solution for your customers.

“The analytics dashboard has revolutionised the way that we manage our claims data. The more people use the dashboard the more they enjoy using it.”

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