Supply Chain Analytics and Logistics Analytics

Dashboard and Analytics Software to manage Big Data

Our customers partner with us to provide flexible business intelligence dashboards and reporting to their end users. Many of our partners white-label our dashboard so that we become an integral part of their solution, creating a seamless experience for an end-user.

Dashboards empower users to gain better visibility of their data. Whatever your solution is, visibility is key for managing workflow and resources in any logistics, workforce management, or field services management solution. When data is easy to access, relevant, and is easy to understand, users can make better-informed decisions.

Fully responsive dashboards make accessing data on mobile, tablet, or desktop quick and easy. Field-based teams can make decisions based on real-time data, anytime, anywhere.

Our Dashboards for the Logistics Industry

The Pi Dashboard is the ideal solution for managing and reporting on data from multiple sources. The dashboard can display these data sets side by side, and users can create a variety of charts and graphs to visualise the data easily to gain valuable insights.

Pi Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed to be self-service and intuitive. Users can build charts without any technical know-how, as it’s all done through the user interface. It’s fully GDPR-compliant, too, so you can be sure your data is safe.

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Our software can make your end-users’ lives easier by streamlining reporting and bringing all their data together to create a 360-view of the business. Drop us a line and let us know how we can tailor our software to your needs.

Easy-to-use Analytics software for the Logistics industry

With Pi Analytics, we empower your end-users to become their own data scientists. Just by loading relevant historical data into the dashboard, users can apply predictive analytics models over that information, and it will pick out the most important trends and characteristics.

Your end-users can then apply these same models over new data sets to ultimately gain predictive insights that have never been unlocked before. And as the Logistics Industry must now cope with big data, this is one key way in which businesses can really make their data work harder for them.

These insights translate into numerous real-world benefits. For example, with Pi Analytics, the industry could predict disruptions in the supply chain with more accuracy than ever before. In the Logistics Sector, there’s always uncertainty in lead time, especially when shipping overseas.

Factors such as traffic patterns, port behaviour, and weather conditions could all be analysed by the software, which would allow your end-users to accurately predict estimated times of arrival. This leads to the shortening of cycle times, greater efficiency, and increased profit margins.

The Panintelligence product is a great fit for us, both from a technology perspective and the added value it gives our customers providing clear visibility of their document processes, workloads, and KPIs.

KPI Alerts for Logistics and Supply Chain Businesses

The Pi Dashboard is more than simply a tool for visualising data and reporting on it. One of its key features is KPI Alerts. Your end-users can set thresholds on data in the dashboard, which triggers notifications when tracking above or dropping below targets.

The data displayed in the dashboard is always in real-time, which means your end users can always trust everything they’re viewing, in the knowledge it reflects the latest position. And to highlight the status of any KPI alert you set, we use a traffic light system (red, amber, and green) to enable you to see whether the business is hitting KPIs, at a glance.

Why is Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics important?

The industry has so many moving parts, and there are so many things to streamline and optimise, from routes to factory functions. With all the disruptions that could affect estimated times of arrival, the Logistics Industry faces a huge number of challenges.

There are also external factors that influence the supply chain, such as laws surrounding emissions and the rise of new technologies. It’s now more important than ever before that businesses in this space collect data and gain analytical insight from it.

By leveraging insights – and creating accurate predictions – from the data collected, businesses can ultimately keep operation costs low, make better strategical decisions, and be able to make those decisions faster.


We’ve been asked many questions about our software over the years and, below, you can find a collection of the ones we hear the most. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re seeking answers to questions that aren’t listed here.

How much data does Pi Analytics require?

If you supply the software with any amount of data, you will always get results – usually insights you’ve never unlocked before. The more data you have, however, the better it will be able to define characteristics and predict outcomes.

How easy is Pi Analytics to use?

Our analytics software is designed to be completely self-service, with no technical skills required. Building a model can be done through our intuitive user interface.

What’s the difference between analytics and business intelligence?

Business intelligence software offers users greater visibility of their data, which makes reporting a lot faster and simpler. Analytics is used to predict future outcomes, which can inform a decision or an action.

Do I need technical skills to use the software?

Our software is designed to be intuitive and completely self-service, so you won’t need any coding skills to create charts in the dashboard. The only technical bit is connecting your data sources, but our consultants are here to help, while we also run free training for our partners.

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Both our Pi Dashboard and Pi Analytics products are affordable software solutions that can enhance the portfolio of any reseller or OEM. We’ll work with you to drive real ROI for your business.

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Businesses in many sectors are currently talking about big data: how best to capture it, and what to do with it. As such, our software is flexible enough to cope with many businesses’ demands, no matter which sector they’re in.

Historically, we began working with companies in the Finance sector, ensuring our software was secure enough to meet the toughest standards. We now have a solution that’s completely GDPR-compliant and PCI-compliant too.

Since then, we have branched out and formed strong partnerships in other industries, such as Manufacturing, Public Sector, Insurance, Healthcare, and Education.

Logistics and Supply Chain Resources

Browse the resources below to get a better understanding of our software’s capabilities. We’re already helping Logistics businesses achieve their goals.

Indesit improves reporting with Panintelligence

"Intuitive and flexible Business Intelligence tools are a must-have add-on to any system in this day and age. As Panintelligence have an excellent solution and are very helpful and easy to work with, we decided to partner with them to enhance our product and to help our customers access important information through the real-time dashboard, see trends and drive benefits quicker."

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