Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics

Self-service Dashboards

Our customers partner with us to provide flexible business intelligence dashboards and reporting to their end users. Many of our partners white-label our dashboard so that we become an integral part of their solution, creating a seamless experience for an end-user.

Dashboards empower users to gain better visibility of their data. Whatever your solution is, visibility is key for managing workflow and resources in any logistics, workforce management, or field services management solution. When data is easy to access, is relevant, and easy to understand, users can make better-informed decisions.

Fully responsive dashboards make accessing data on mobile, tablet, or desktop quick and easy. Field-based teams are able to make decisions based on real-time data, anytime, anywhere.

Easy-to-use Analytics software for the Logistics industry

With Pi Analytics, we empower your end-users to become their own data scientists. Just by loading relevant historical data into the dashboard, users can apply predictive analytics models over that information, and it will pick out the most important trends and characteristics.

Your end-users can then apply these same models over new data sets to ultimately gain predictive insights that have never been unlocked before. And as the Logistics Industry must now cope with big data, this is one key way in which businesses can really make their data work harder for them.

These new insights can translate into numerous real-world benefits. For example, with Pi Analytics, the industry could predict disruptions in the supply chain with more accuracy than ever before. In the Logistics Sector, there’s always uncertainty in lead time, especially when shipping overseas.

Factors such as traffic patterns, port behaviour, and weather conditions could all be analysed by the software, which would allow your end-users to more accurately predict estimated times of arrival. This leads to the shortening of cycle times, greater efficiency, and increased profit margins.

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Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.

The whole team is easily accessible. They help us with various pre-sales activities, ranging from customer days to onsite tailored demos and training in the Pi for Sage product.

Giving merchants a tool that allows them to slice and dice their own data has greatly reduced the number of queries distracting our risk team from fraud detection.