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Analytics Dashboards and KPI alerts for the Manufacturing Industry

Analytics dashboards allow users to visualise data, spot patterns and exceptions in data, and easily gain insights. Businesses prepared to move from analytics as operational support and move towards automated decision making using analytics will transform efficiency and productivity.

Pi Dashboard

Our business intelligence dashboard has many functionalities and capabilities, ranging from data visualisation and KPI alerts, to analytical model builders. KPI alerts can be easily set up through the user interface. When tracking above or below pre-set values, the dashboard will notify you automatically.

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The need for Analytics and AI in the Manufacturing Industry

Global competition is increasing the pressure on manufacturing in the UK to take advantage of technology to work even smarter and faster. The much talked about Industry 4.0 is a call to action for the manufacturing sector to leverage new technologies.

While improving productivity and efficiency is already top of mind for most businesses, many are still not using data already held in their core operational systems to gain insights into how improvements can be made. This is where a business intelligence dashboard can make a real difference.

The digital transformation of manufacturing will mean that the volume of data collected within core operational systems as well as increasingly from machine sensors, robotics, and AI is only set to increase. Business Intelligence solutions and Analytics can help organisations make sense of this data, gain valuable business insights and consolidate data from different solutions to create a single source of data.

The digitally enabled manufacturing operation will be able to use data already collected in core operational systems as well as that from sensors, robotics, and AI to analyse data. This will remove the need for manual reporting and spreadsheet manipulation.

How analytics dashboards can improve the manufacturing process

Inefficiency is something all manufacturing businesses want to be rid of, and reporting dashboards can help any company become more efficient.

Often, data is held in silos, with individual teams producing their own reports. With business intelligence dashboards, everyone in the business can look at the same real-time data, with access rights controlling who can view, edit, and share certain things. This drastically reduces reporting times and ensures everyone is on the same page.

The ability to transform data tables into visually-appealing charts and graphs enables you to discover actionable insights quicker. Data from any area of the business can be monitored: materials, quality, safety, productivity, workflow, and more.

And with Pi Analytics, you’re able to predict future outcomes of any of these items, more accurately than a forecast could. Domain experts can prescribe what actions to take, and allow the business to become more efficient in the future as a result.

“The biggest win for us is being able to see how the business is performing 24/7. No matter where I am, in minutes I can find out how sales are doing and pinpoint the key areas for action.”

Descriptive and Predictive Analytics for IOT and Manufacturing

There are two main subcategories of analytics that our software provides – descriptive and predictive analytics. It’s worth understanding the difference between the two. The descriptive side of things is simply data that allows companies to manage their operations.

Predictive analytics works by allowing users to build models over their data. It will display the most likely outcomes and the contributing factors. In the Manufacturing Industry, predictive maintenance is one such application of the software.

By collecting and analysing data that is outputted by IoT sensors, greater efficiency can be achieved. It can be used diagnostically and predictively to achieve this goal. And as the software is designed to be used by the experts in your business at the coalface, it requires no technical skills to use.

Case study: Advanced Cutting Tools

Advanced Cutting Tools provides cutting equipment, industrial supplies, and engineering solution services to the oil and gas, medical, aerospace, automotive, and nuclear industries. The company wanted to replace their previous reporting tool, which was inflexible and didn’t allow them to measure KPIs.



After installing Panintelligence, the business now had access to real-time data, when working onsite or in the field. Sales data can be analysed easily and trended data helps the business to plan ahead. The whole business can now share one view of their data in real time; data is no longer siloed.

Case study thumb.jpg (2)

“Panintelligence helps us to bring money into the business faster, as well as to deliver better customer service. We can now use exception reports to highlight pending orders and put in a call to close the sale.”  Michael Richardson, Managing Director, Advanced Cutting Tools

Manufacturing FAQs

Is the data shown in real-time?

Yes, Panintelligence enables workers to access real-time data exactly when they need it, whether they’re onsite or working in the field. The dashboard works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

How can the data in the dashboard be explored?

Data can be visualised in charts and graphs, but the dashboard has a drilldown functionality to allow the user to analyse further and can be set up to allow users to drill right down to the source data.

What security features are there?

You can assign access rights to users, connect to your data sources via our simple and secure RESTful API, and consult the audit trail whenever you need to.

How much data do you need to build analytics models?

Pi Analytics can be applied to a data set of any size. However, the more data you feed it, the better the model will be. Ultimately, Pi Analytics will always tell you something new about your data.

Pricing options

We also have existing pricing models for ISVs, which offer flexibility in revenues shares and numbers of users, to name two variables.

Visit the link below to view our current pricing models or get in touch with us to request a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

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Our consultants can visit your offices to help you set up and integrate the software, as well as fixing any issues you may have.

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We encourage our partners to attend our annual Software Partner Day, where they can input into upcoming product enhancements.

White-labelling comes easy

Rebranding the dashboard is done directly through the user interface. You can place your logos in the product and apply your brand colours to the various elements within the software.

We only sell to software vendors

You’ll never have to compete with us for end-user opportunities, as we only sell through our partners. We have a relationships-first approach and will enable you to sell Panintelligence.

Other sectors we service

Our analytics and business intelligence software is very versatile, and has benefits for businesses in multiple industries. While our software is highly suited to IoT monitoring – collecting sensor data and using it to improve efficiency – it produces other real-world benefits, in other sectors too.

We have strong relationships with companies in sectors such as: Finance, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector, and Logistics. Historically, we began serving the Finance Sector and had to ensure our dashboard’s security matched the industry’s high standards.

In Education, Pi Analytics can profile students and predict which people are most likely to stop engaging with their course. In Healthcare, the software can predict which patients are least likely to turn up for their appointments. Staff can take action and send reminders to those that need them most, which saves resource compared to sending mass reminders.

Resources for Manufacturing businesses

We’ve collated a selection of the best resources for Manufacturing businesses wanting to reap the benefits of business intelligence and analytics software.

The quick win for manufacturing digitisation

Self-service Analytics for domain experts

“The system heritage in the banking sector gave us great confidence in security. We reduced the time to produce margin reports from 30 to 3 days and a key win for the business was being able to get accurate forecasts with everyone using a single source of data and a standard template.”

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