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Sam Baldwin
22 January 2021
In the first of our new ‘Inside pi’ series showcasing the team behind Panintelligence, Senior Software Developer – Tiago Correia – talks about his love of data, gives advice on how to get into the tech sector, and explains why he loves Yorkshire.

Tiago in the Yorkshire snow

What do you enjoy about working in the BI sector?

I love playing with data. There's a lot I learn from correlating data visually and I am happy we can provide the same insight to the people that really need it. Before working in the Business Intelligence analytics area, I worked in Usability Research which meant I spent lots of time wrangling data, so working at Pan was a natural step.


What makes pi a good place to work?

The technical challenges are interesting and this means I am never bored or doing the same thing. But the biggest reason is the people. Everyone is genuinely helpful and kind. It does feel like we're a family or a clan. I know a lot of places say that so it becomes a stale sentence but it really does feel like that!


Outside of work – how do you spend your time?

I play a lot of board and video games with my wife and my friends. Pre-COVID, I did a lot of climbing and hiking which I am eager to get back to. Obviously, like any developer, a lot of my free time is spent building or experimenting with new tech.


What advice would you give to people interested in working in the tech sector?

I'll approach this from the angle of a developer, but it might be true for anything: make something. Find a problem and build something to solve it. The size or "seriousness" doesn't matter at all. If you have the will and passion to build something from nothing you're almost there! The rest of the way is just joining tech communities and talking with people already in the industry.

Rocks in Yorkshire

If you weren’t working for PI – what would you be doing?

I like to think I'd be working in games but the truth is I get too distracted with building tools and wrangling the data, so in reality, I'd very likely be doing something similar. Perhaps I would've started a UX analysis tool as that's my other passion.


What’s your favourite place/thing about the Yorkshire area?

I live in Harrogate and I really love how close I am to the beautiful countryside. There are so many great places to hike through! Just a few days ago I was walking through some woods nearby after it had snowed and the melting snow made some beautiful mini-waterfalls.

A stream flowing through rural landscape in Yorkshire

Interested in joining our team? Take a look at our work for pi page to see the latest vacancies.

"Make something. Find a problem and build something to solve it. The size or 'seriousness' doesn't matter.

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