We know you’ve heard it all before, ‘fully white labelled product’ when in actual fact all you can actually switch is the logo.
Well we mean it! Unlike other applications every single component of our solution can be re-styled and designed to look exactly like your product.

We have designed pi to mould to your brand, so that it looks like it has been designed by you. Giving you the power of BI with the look of and feel of your product.

So it looks like your code, but for no code!


Give your customers unlimited customisation options from accessibility to design. Each user has the opportunity to create their own look and feel and develop style sheets based on their branding.

What's mine
is yours.

We make our product look like yours. We design every aspect to be in line with your reative - right down to your accessibility controls.

Each element only involves simple CSS styling, so it will reflect your brand in no time.
Try it for yourself


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